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My Connemara Pony (who thinks he's a horse) 'Corran Bill' aka 'Bailey'.


"Oh! if people knew what comfort to a horse a light hand is..." Anna Sewell, Black Beauty

Kirkfield Farm, my home and work base is near Wisbech, Kings Lynn and Spalding and close to the borders of Lincolnshire, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire.


SADDLE FITTING (Saddle Company Saddles only)

With my training and experience as both an equine and human sports massage therapist, I understand the importance of a correctly fitting saddle. At the very least, the saddle should be a good fit for the horse and be regularly checked as the horse’s weight and levels of fitness fluctuate. However, if a saddle that fits the horse does not also fit the rider, even the most experienced of riders will find it difficult to maintain good posture and balance thus increasing the risk of discomfort, pain or injury to the horse, rider or both.

All too often I have helped to treat some of the damage caused to the horse and/or rider by an ill-fitting saddle and I am passionate in my quest to help prevent this occurring in the first place. This passion led me to train with The Saddle Company to become one of their recommended saddle fitters. As a saddle fitter, what do I like about The Saddle Company products? The list is long, but these are the three most important to me:

1. Their saddles are all built on an adjustable, synthetic 'TreeTec' tree which is perfectly balanced and can be adjusted using a templating machine on-site to adapt to a horse's changing shape. The tree carries a 10 year guarantee against breakage and twisting.

2. Their comprehensive range of quality, bespoke saddles to suit all disciplines.

3. They are lightweight, affordable and extremely comfortable.

As I am based close to the towns of Wisbech, Kings Lynn and Long Sutton I am happy to travel throughout Norfolk, Cambridgeshire or Lincolnshire. A saddle fitting session can last from 1 to 1½ hours and will start with a full consultation which will include an assessment of your horse’s conformation and movement in hand and an assessment of your own particular needs. Whenever possible I would then like to see the horse ridden, all of which is helping me to build up a complete picture thus helping me to understand you and your horse’s specific needs. Any re-flocking or adjustments to your current saddle that can be done on site will be included in the fitting cost. If it’s a new saddle you’re looking for, I will be more than happy to show you what’s available from The Saddle Company. At times, I do carry a small stock of second hand saddles by other well known makers.


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