What is Sports Massage?

Kirkfield Farm, Walpole St Peter, Cambridgeshire PE14 7PN

Telephone: 07581320519


Kirkfield Farm, my home and work base is near Wisbech, Kings Lynn and Spalding and close to the borders of Lincolnshire, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire.


My Connemara Pony (who thinks he's a horse) 'Corran Bill' aka 'Bailey'.


"Oh! if people knew what comfort to a horse a light hand is..." Anna Sewell, Black Beauty

About Me


This is a bit like being asked at school 'What did you do in your Summer holidays?' ..... and you can't think of a thing! Here goes anyway...... 


I was born and brought up in Cornwall so, although I fought the basic instincts of a country girl during my teens and searched for the excitement and fast pace of city life, I came to my senses when I had children of my own and sought out the relative peace and tranquillity of country life. I now live in rural Norfolk (ignore the postal address - it's confusing!)


As a child, my family was not wealthy, so I didn’t realise my dream of owning a horse until later in life - by default. My 3 children were young and my husband and I had bought them an old pony called 'Oliver' from a local riding school but they were growing up fast and when the novelty of caring for a pony wore off, picking up the reins suited me fine!


As my children grew older I completed my nurse training and, over the years, have held a variety of nurse or health related jobs, including management.


Being made redundant in 2009 provided me with the opportunity to think about the direction I really wanted my future to take and this led to me contacting Mary Bromiley regarding the ITEC Equine Sports Massage training. She advised that I would first need to qualify in human massage and so, whilst working full time as a Health Co-ordinator with the Youth Offending Team, I undertook and passed ITEC training in Holistic Massage (Level 3) and Sports Massage (Level 4). Since 2011 when I qualified as a massage therapist, I practiced first on a part time and now on a full-time basis - thoroughly enjoying every minute. Having previously traded under the name of 'Balance Massage' I have gradually, since qualifying in equine sports massage, made the transition to my new trading name of 'Janet Luck Equine and Human Sports Massage' - it is what is says on the tin!


I still own a horse (wouldn't be without them) and my husband and I keep our three horses 'Bailey', 'Minstrel' and 'Bo' at home. Now that I've completed my training in Equine Sports Massage, furthered my development by training as a Saddle Company saddle fitter, I look forward to helping both horses and humans to optimise their physical ability.